Path to Mount Difficult, Grampians

by Toothbrush published on 22/05/2012 category Australian Landscapes
Mount Difficult, Grampians, Victoria, Australia

I woke up in a secluded little campspot in the northern Grampians on a quiet winter morning. After breakfast, it was straight up - I couldn't help but smile at the sign that warned "strenuous walking" involved at the trailhead. How hard can it be, when even the highest peak in the park doesn't quite reach 1200m? Well, not hard, but definitely steep enough to liven up my lungs. During my ascent, the sky was overcast, but on the way down it started to clear and I nabbed this sunny shot of the rocky path along the cliff. Walking in the Grampians always seems to involve a little bit of rock scrambling, and that has to be one of my favorite things about it!

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2 Comments on Path to Mount Difficult, Grampians

  1. I think that sign is aimed at people with my level of fitness… Obviously not yours! Beautiful shots!

    • Right! I’m sure you’re fit as a fiddle, much more so than me! I reckon the sign’s there to remind the tourists Australia’s not THAT flat.

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